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Siouxzi L Connor is a highly experienced and passionate native English-speaking conceptual copywriter and associate creative director. She is particularly at home in creating emotive narratives for brands and further developing a brand’s voice. She prides herself on her seemingly endless supply of creative energy and thrill for the new, and loves working in creative partnerships and teams.


  • conceptual copywriting: long form, short form, tag lines and campaign headlines
  • TVC, radio and branded-content film scripts
  • creative direction, including building and sustaining communications campaigns
  • conceptual pitch work and research
  • developing a brand voice and story
  • content writing
  • copyediting, proofreading, and re-versioning translated copy
  • crafting brand guidelines and instructional manuals


• Including: Lexus, Nike, Native Instruments, GORE-TEX, The WØMB, Audi, Volvo, Coke, GE, Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun, Nivea, The Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Telstra, Jacob’s Creek Wines, Foxtel & Fox Sports. As an agency producer: McDonald’s, Ferrari, Johnson & Johnson, VW, Philips, Orange and Xbox.


• Including: DDB (Sydney), AKQA (London & Berlin), The White Agency (Sydney), Lavender (Sydney), Agency Republic (London).rnagh is a highly experienced and passionate copywriter, conceptualist and researcher for creative agencies in Sydney,


Siouxzi is also a novelist, filmmaker and freelance magazine writer and the co-founder of The WØMB, an ongoing series of Symposia in Berlin for creative women. Her first solo book of photography and writing was published by Repeater Books (UK) and distributed worldwide by Penguin Random House in 2017. Siouxzi also undertook a 9 month film fellowship with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, and has previously produced several award-winning short films.

London and Berlin. Siouxzi works across long and short form copy and tag lines, as well as conceptualising, researching 

work samples

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, BERLIN: Native Kontrol Standard re-brand

client problem: How to communicate to a wider, less technically-minded audience about Native Instruments’ complex, fully-integrated, electronic music system?
my solution: Harnessing the existing reputation of the Native Instruments’ brand as both the most trusted in electronic music as well as being cool, and understanding that we had to appeal to both amateurs and experts, I developed a new set of headlines and short form texts to refresh the website.


“NKS is an unprecedented ecosystem for uniting your music devices, enabling you to produce music and sound using NI hardware along with NI and non-NI software, seamlessly. NKS makes it easier to browse, play, and control hundreds of instruments and effects from over 75 different developers using NI’s KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards and MASCHINE hardware – freeing your flow like never before. Welcome to a new standard in the democracy of sound.”

GORE-TEX Urban Lifestyle: Studio Re-brand|AKQA, Berlin

client problem: GORE-TEX has a legacy of being considered purely practical without being fashionable. How to best showcase the GORE-TEX Studio to highlight the collaboration possibilities for high-end fashion designers as well as showcase the technology within a fashionable context?
our solution: GORE-TEX has been working hard of late with “GORE-TEX Studio” to align itself with designers and influencers to turn its reputation around. We undertook a lot of research and gained insights from the employees at GORE-TEX, many of whom had been reluctant to see the brand evolve over decades and came up with an internal communications tool (available upon request) to educate the company on their own potential in the fashion world from the inside out.



LEXUS: hybrid car launch campaign | The White Agency, Sydney

client problem: How to communicate both luxury and environmental awareness in one campaign?
our solution: Knowing that the Lexus audience was intelligent, uncompromising and open to innovation, we developed a series of print ads written in a haiku form. These had to be both poetic but succinct: emphasising the hybridity of the engine and the hybridity of the luxury vs. environmentalism message.

Lexus 1

Lexus 2

The WØMB: creative direction and ongoing communications campaign | Uferlos Studios & SAE Institute, Berlin

client problem: We needed to launch an entirely new event series for creative women in Berlin and to build a passionate, like-minded community.
our solution: Knowing this audience from the inside out (ie. being one of them!) my partner and I built a brand and ongoing communications campaign from nothing to a global community of thousands. We have hosted five party events in some of Berlin’s best clubs as well as two Symposia at SAE Institute Berlin.


WESTPAC BANK: refresh of car and bank loans web pages | Lavender, Sydney

client problem: how to make bank loans relatable in a real-life context?
our solution: we refreshed the whole look and feel of the bank loans sections on the Westpac site. We made the tone of voice less bank-speak and we changed the focus of the pages to be about people’s real-life goals and aspirations.


Westpac Bank 1

LITTLE SUN: global communications, press releases, product copy, web copy, taglines, blog, product photography, social media and film scripts | STUDIO OLAFUR ELIASSON Berlin

client problem: how can we gain better global sales, better PR with relation to Olafur Eliasson as an artist as well as better brand recognition? And how can we simultaneously communicate our message of bringing clean solar energy to those who need it most in the world?
our solution: over my two and a half years with Olafur Eliasson and his Little Sun project, I lead the communications team to completely refresh the brand and the brand story through a completely new website, two new product launches, a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (reaching 500% of the target), a new global brand film, thousands of new social media followers thanks to many successful awareness campaigns as well as re-writing the brand guidelines for the global company and PR agency to follow.

Please see: for more.

Click here to see the 2017 Little Sun Brand Film.

Little Sun 2

Little Sun 1

Little Sun blog 1.png

Little Sun blog

NIVEA: global social media campaign | AKQA Berlin

client problem: how can we gain better consistency in NIVEA’s social media presence from country to country?
our solution: we refreshed NIVEA’s global social media look-and-feel and tone of voice while still retaining NIVEA’s classic ‘take care’ approach, developing a new Facebook campaign to set the precedent for all of NIVEA’s subsequent social media posts. Balance, inner beauty and self-care were key.

veloping a brand voice and story for clients such as Nivea, Audi, Lexus, Nike (UK), Coke, GE, The Commonwealth Bank (Aus), Nivea 1


Nivea 2,3Please click the link below to view Siouxzi’s portfolio:

NIVEA: Q10 Pearls social media campaign | AKQA Berlin

client problem: how to sell an anti-ageing cream without inducing a fear of getting old?
our solution: taking the ‘pearls’ from the product name and using that as a symbol of ageless grace and poise, worn by inspiring women throughout history, such as Grace Kelly and Jackie O, we used their words of timeless wisdom in our taglines, accompanied by images of inspiring, natural beauty.

Nivea 4,5,6

moovel: brand tagline, overall tone of voice refresh and social media campaign | AKQA Berlin

client problem: there are many other transport apps on the market but we want to be known as the one that brings all modes of transport together in one hub: perfect for younger people on-the-go.
my solution: I brightened and tightened up the very dry and obviously translated language formerly on the site and on the app. I differentiated far more between the language used for social media posts and the more informative language on the site, to better cater to its millennial audience. Overall, it was about selling moovel as the only app on the market that was also actually fun to use. (


COMMONWEALTH BANK: a Centenary of Banking in Australia campaign | The White Agency, Sydney

client problem: how to celebrate 100 years of banking with Australia by putting Australian lives and stories at the forefront while still communicating the bank’s achievements – without the ad-speak?
my solution: after much research, interviewing and historical treasure-hunting, I scouted the best of the bank’s stories over the past century and crafted these into a series of warm-hearted ‘campfire’ tales and anecdotes, interwoven within stories from Australia’s own history. These were presented in text or film form on a dedicated site, aesthetically styled to each era in the century.

For all stories, long form, short form and film form, please see:


The Commonwealth Bank

TELSTRA: connecting Australia through broadband internet – concepts | The White Agency, Sydney

client problem: how to communicate the importance of connecting the entire country with broadband internet and overcome the reputation for poor customer service?
our solution: Through inspiring, innovative multichannel campaign concepts, we emphasised what Telstra, one of Australia’s biggest, most well-known companies, has done for the country through their support of Australian artistic and cultural programs. We celebrated their intrinsic role in connecting Australians.


COMMONWEALTH BANK: first banking app campaign (Kaching) | The White Agency, Sydney

client problem: how to inform customers in a fun way about the bank’s new mobile banking app?
our solution: we developed a light-hearted day-in-the-life animated film about a 20-something girl whose night is saved because she is able to use Commbank Kaching instead of relying on regular banking and regular banking hours.

(for video, please see

The Commonwealth Bank 2.png

WESTPAC BANK: DreamPlanner campaign | Lavender, Sydney

client problem: how to inspire customers to make solid, long-term goals and stick to them?
our solution: we developed DreamPlanner, a large-scale campaign covering print, web film and experiential installations, that showed customers which loans they could take out to help them achieve their dreams.

Westpac 2


  • Sydney University – PhD Candidate (Gender & Cultural Studies, Film and Literature) – CURRENT
  • Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin – Fellowship (2008-09), Affiliated Fellowship (13-15)
  • University of Technology, Sydney – Graduate Diploma (Media Arts and Production), Distinction, 2002
  • Macquarie University, Sydney – Bachelor of Media (Visual Production and Screenwriting), Distinction, 1999 – 2001


  • Geoffrey Garrison, Head of Research and Communications, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin
  • Darwin Tomlinson, Executive Creative Director, DDB Sydney (formerly ECD, The White Agency).
  • Emily Bull, former Head of Production, The White Agency, (also former Head of Production AKQA London)



…thank you for your time & consideration

sample client list:

nike (uk)

nivea (ger)

audi (ger)

lexus (aus)

coke (aus)

volvo (ger)

mcdonalds (aus)

vw (aus)

johnson & johnson (aus)

telstra (leading telecommunications company, aus)

commonwealth bank (leading bank, aus)

bank west (aus)

westpac (leading bank, aus)

jacob’s creek wines (aus)

foxtel, fox sports (aus)

austar (aus)

tribaspace fashion (ger)

elkotec (ger)

lebenswelten (ger)


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