Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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2017 / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: words | magazine publications

It’s already the end of the year! Wow, so much has happened in just 365 days…

To celebrate the holiday season and to wish everyone a merry Christmas, my publisher Repeater Books put together this lovely little Christmas Compilation including an extract from my book, ‘Darkness is a Trusted Friend.’

Thank you so much for all your support this year!

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 15.14.00

For the full text, visit me on Facebook.




Transgressive Cultures Conference, Paris

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2017 / In the dark, dark room (2017) / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

I was so happy to be back in Paris last week – I fell in love with the city all over again!

I was there to present my book Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing) for the first time in France. I was invited by the Transgressive Cultures Conference, held at the University of Chicago, to read several extracts from the book – Just tumult everywhere endlessly, Leda in Glass and several vignettes from my novel.

We also showed our film In the Dark, Dark Room for the first time in France. 

The event was organised by Jack Sargeant and featured so many inspiring academics, thinkers, writers and artists, each highlighting the ever-growing importance of transgressive thinking and creativity in an increasingly conservative world.

Thank you, Jack for the invitation and we hope to join another event in the future.

Reading & Screening in Paris

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2017 / In the dark, dark room (2017) / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

I’m in Paris right now to present my book and film for the first time in France.

I was invited to present the works at the Transgressive Cultures Conference at the University of Chicago, Paris, organized by Jack Sargeant. I will be reading from the book and screening the film at tomorrow’s panel on Transgressive Film and Literature. I’ll also be happy to take questions from the audience.

Still in love with this city!





Residency at the Library of Water, Iceland

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2018 / femininity and nature / residencies

I’m very happy to announce my writer’s residency in Iceland next summer.

In August 2018 I’ll follow in the footsteps of some of my favourites – Anne Carson, Roni Horn, Rebecca Solnit – for a residency at the Vatnasafn – Library of Water in Iceland. I’ll be using the time there for concentrated research and writing for my new project on femininity and nature and its representations in several key texts and films. The focus at the Library of Water will be on the concept of ‘bodies of water’.



(featured image courtesy of Art Angel)


New film

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2017 / In the dark, dark room (2017) / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

‘We, all of us creatures, can feel when the new season is coming and it means the same thing in our bones to all of us…’

In the dark, dark room_featured image

‘In the dark, dark room’ explores what happens to the psyche when we are isolated in nature – what rituals, fears and desires take over?

The film was shot by Siouxzi Connor and Uferlos Studios in the dark winter of 2016 in the depths of an ancient Finnish forest – the site of a pagan bear cult – during an artist residency with Mustarinda and completed in Uferlos Studios in Berlin.

The film draws on the narrative and thematic elements from the novel Our Little Wooden House In The Forest: exploring ecology, ritual and female sexuality – elements recurring in Siouxzi’s previous work. The soundtrack was created by Klaudia and showcases her ability to create immersive aural worlds using sounds from nature amongst homages to her favourite artists. The work was featured by the BBC World Service:

For further information:

Book launch and exhibition in New York

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2016 / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions / siouxzi mernagh: words | 'in the dark dark room' 2013

Now back in Berlin and enjoying the spring sunshine after the successful book launch and exhibition in New York!

Thanks to Repeater Books, Spoonbill & Sugartown and everyone else involved. Stay tuned here and on uferlos.Berlin for details of the Berlin launch and exhibition with Klaudia Domurat.

Click here for a sneak peak of “In the Dark, Dark Room” film screening.





Launch tomorrow in Brooklyn, New York

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We will be launching “Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)” at the Spoonbill & Sugartown event space, 99 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY, tomorrow evening from 7pm. Come by and celebrate with us!

We will also be exhibiting the photo collages, film and soundscape as we did at the London launch. The project is titled “In the Dark, Dark Room” and was created in collaboration with Klaudia Domurat.



Launch in New York City

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Following our successful book launch and exhibition in London with coverage by the BBC, we will now be launching in New York City on February 22 at the wonderful Spoonbill Books, Brooklyn.

I will read from my book at 7:30, followed by the screening of our new film with a soundscape by Klaudia Domurat. The launch will be accompanied by the exhibition of photo collage works that were also featured at the London launch. For more information on the complete project, visit here.

Come by if you are in town!