Siouxzi is currently working on the manuscript for her second solo book, under contract with Repeater Books.

Repeater Books published Siouxzi’s first book ‘Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)’ in early 2017, distributed by Penguin Random House. Siouxzi launched the book at events in London, New York, Paris and Sydney.

Prior to this project, Siouxzi created an experimental novel and installation piece, ‘Our Little Wooden House in the Forest’ (alt. title ‘In the dark, dark room’), in affiliation with the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry.

Her experimental narrative fiction, ‘The Peep Show’, has been performed and exhibited in several solo shows in Sydney and Berlin.

Her first full-length work of fiction, ‘White Tales’ has several extracts published with Turia & Kant (Wien/ Berlin) as part of the volume “Tension/ Spannung” created by the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry.

Siouxzi also works as a senior agency creative and freelance magazine writer for several publications . She is based in Berlin.

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