In addition to her writing work, Siouxzi is also a moving-image maker who has produced work in Sydney, London and Berlin.


From 2016-2019 she collaborated with Studios to produce aural-visual work across various media. The most recent project, ‘In the dark, dark room‘ was shot in Finland and was based on extracts from Siouxzi’s novel ‘Our Little Wooden House in the Forest.’

Her 2010 work, ‘Exit’, has exhibited extensively.

Created in conjunction with the ICI Berlin, ‘The Dangers,’ premiered in Berlin and has since screened internationally.

In 2007, she shot ‘Third Eye Open‘, which has also screened throughout Australia and Europe.

Prior to this, she also created the 16mm horror film ‘Jet Black‘ and the experimental 16mm road film ‘Two White Lines’.

Siouxzi’s current work, ‘In the dark, dark room’, will be a novel and a film.

Visit here for an archive of exhibitions and publications.

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