The Dangers

‘The Dangers’ is an experimental narrative film shot in Berlin in the winter of 2009.

It was created as part of a fellowship with the Berlin Institute of Cultural Inquiry and filmed at Hotel Bogota in Charlottenburg. It premiered at the ICI  Berlin in April 2009. It has since shown at several international film festivals and events, including at the premiere of ‘Exit’ in Berlin 2010.

The film was co-produced with Lopta Film. The film trailer and further information on can be viewed on their site, Facebook and YouTube.



A mysterious hotel. Two inexplicable doppelgängers. A woman in need of danger. There are many things lurking in corners. Alice takes Hugo to a party in the penthouse suite. But they are already there. They have, unknowingly, been visitors before here and in places like this. There is a lot of blood – and whisperings beyond them.

ʻThe Dangersʼ is a subconscious narrative film based on a nightmare.  It refers to inner tensions of personal, particularly female, identity and the external manifestation of these tensions in the forms of sexual expression and propensity to violence. The film is fascinated by manifestations of intensity, suspense, excess and jouissance and the spiralling relations between them.

DVD available for purchase:

Troum Records, Non-Entertaining Musak

(chloe grove. picture by chris erlbeck)

(annika line trost. picture by chris erlbeck)

(Poster Design: Daniel Klöhn)

A film made in conjunction with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry

In association with Lopta Film, 3pin, Montagelabor, The Lab Sydney, Filmgeräteverleih Asmus Jaap, Lebenswelten Catering.

Featuring: Annika Line Trost, Chloe Grove, Tamas Eperjessy, Paul Matzke, Holk Cruse, Claudel Doucet

Written & Directed by Siouxzi L Mernagh

Director of Photography Jonathan Harvey

1st AD & Production Manager Anna Ihamäki

Editor Anja Keyßelt

Online Editor Jo Spillane

Key Grip, Camera Assistant & Gaffer Nico Storch

Camera Assistant & Focus Puller Lukas Topol

Stills Photographer Chris Erlbeck

Gaffer Eneko Sanz

Production Design Siouxzi L Mernagh

Sound Recordist Constantin Bömers

Sound Design Paul Mernagh, Constantin Bömers

Makeup & Hair Birte Meier, Rike Gröpler

Costume Design & Props Assistance Sabrina Doemlang

Continuity & On-set Stylist Line Madsen Simenstad

On set stylist & production assistant John Holten

Production Assistant Juan Boillat

Graphic & Titles Design Daniel Klöhn

Colourist Annelie Chapman

Red One Advisor Fubbi Karlsson

Music: Troum & Voice of the Seven Woods

Catering: Lebenswelten Catering

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