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(image by Heidi Pultar, ‘Peep’, solo show for ALASKA PROJECTS, Sydney)

•‘In the dark, dark room’: reading of new literary work as part of artistic affiliated fellowship; The Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, October 2013. 

•‘Exit’: screening at Mustarinda Residency; arts/ writing residency; September 2013. 

•‘Exit’: screening with the 9th International Directors’ Lounge, Berlin; Contemporary Media and Film Festival; February 2013. 

•‘Exit the peep show’: solo show with 18m Galerie, Berlin, as part of the CrossKultur Festival, featuring experiments with projected and real spaces; present and non-present performers; November 2012. |

•‘Cabinet of Peep’: solo show with EXPO, Berlin featuring experiments with a voyeuristic space, September 2012.

•‘Peep’: 2-week solo show with Alaska Projects, Sydney, featuring a physicalised extension of the film ‘Exit’ in the form of a multi-sensual installation and experiments with the exhibition space (a disused underground car park) with live and performed extracts of second novel ‘The Peep Show’, March 2012.

•‘Lorem Ipsum’: month-long group show with Alaska Projects, Sydney, featuring moving image work ‘The Dangers’, October 2011.

•‘KÜT’: two-week group show with Alaska Projects, Sydney, featuring sound work ‘Thirteen conversations about us: past tense’, with Sebastian Goldspink, November 2011.

•‘Exit my city in pieces’: two-week group show with Rachael Brown and Melissa Ramos, Sydney, featuring moving image work ‘Exit’, April 2011. 

• Berlin Down Under; screening and discussion of poetic film work ‘Exit’ and earlier film ‘The Dangers’; September 2012.

•Screening and discussion of poetic film work, ‘Exit’ at Berlin’s Filmkunst, July 2012

• Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin – premiere screening and discussion of ‘The Dangers’ & ‘Exit’, September 30, 2010.

• Phantasmata: conference on the Uncanny – screening and discussion with leading German film critic, ‘The Dangers’, April 17 2010

• ‘Kiez’: homely/ unheimliche’, Artist (‘The Dangers’ and photography collaboration projects ‘Disposition’, ‘Nightshopping’ & ‘Mirror’, and Co-Curator, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, March. 2010, Horus and Deloris Gallery, Sydney, November. 2009

• ICI Berlin and Lebenswelten, Berlin – Screening and discussion of ‘Third Eye Open’, October 2008 and March 2009

• Festival Screenings for ‘The Dangers’: Perth Revelation Film Festival, Denver Underground Film Festival, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Commonwealth Film Festival UK

• Festival Screenings for ‘Two White Lines’ and ‘Jet Black’: 13 mins & 5mins, 16mm, moving image. Best Film Playback Film Festival; Screen Producers Association of Australia 2003, Showtime Talent Assist Scheme; 2nd Place Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Edinburgh Experimental Film Conference; Commonwealth Film Festival, 2nd Place Red Carpet Film Festival, Open/ Exit screening Valhalla; Finalist UTS Golden Eye Awards.

• Assistant Curator and Festival Coordinator, Sydney Underground Film Festival; Sydney – 2006-2007

• Roxy, London – Solo screening and discussion of ‘Third Eye Open’, in conjunction with 1968 Films, May 7, 2007

• The Last Bastion of Civilisation, Sydney – premiere screening and discussion of ‘Third Eye Open’, April 2007


•‘Disappear Here: Adventures in Subconscious Narrative Filmmaking’ ( essay and extracts of fiction published within ‘Tension/ Spannung, published by Turia & Kant, Wien/Berlin), September 2010

•Film & Culture Journalist; Frankie, Filmink, Metro, Yen, Dazed and Confused, (Cult)ure,Electric Sheep Magazine, Groove; Sydney, Berlin, London, Toronto, Oslo. Currently publishing numerous reviews, features, interviews, essays. Print and online. All scans and links available upon request.

•Poesie Büro, 48 Stunden, Neukölln; live group poetry writing session for one of Berlin’s major independent arts and writing events.; June 2012

• Copywriter; The White Agency, Sydney & AKQA; London – 2008- 2010 Copywriting and concept work for online digital content. Clients included Coke, Lexus, The Commonwealth Bank, Austar, Nike, Coke, Unilever, Sainsbury’s, Xbox, Orange, Fiat and Ferrari.

•‘The Developing Word’, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, poetry, August 2010

• Sydney Underground Film Festival Monthly Newsletter, 2007


exit my city in pieces, an exhibition with Melissa Ramos and Rachael Brown.

kaleidoscope gallery, sydney, march 31 – april 13

My 2009 moving image work ‘The Dangers’ was exhibited as part of a Group Show I curated titled ‘Kiez: Homely/ Unheimliche’ (Megan Yeo, Chloe Grove, Chris Erlbeck, Siouxzi Mernagh). We exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne.

I also collaborated on Chris Erlbeck’s photographic works in the exhibition titled ‘Disposition’, ‘Night Shopping’ and ‘Mirror’.

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