Against the Interpretation of Susan

‘Against the Interpretation of Susan’, short fiction, currently under consideration for publication.

After a year of being away at university, Susan returns to her tiny dust-blown sheep town for a summer,  determined to maintain the trajectory of her personal awakening – even if that awakening consists of her comically obsessive assimilation into her favourite writer’s identity.

Short extract:

“As if her stomach were suddenly pierced through with a hot, silent bullet, she fell hard against the hotel wall. Her knees buckled and her body slid limp to the splintered floorboards. She fell amongst the cobwebs and shattered glass, breathing hard, feeling all the blood drain from her and swamp in a warm pool around her. All at once she was a broken toy that everyone was bored of playing with. That even she was bored of playing with. All those musky thoughts of her new Outsider-ism wore from her skin like a perfume that never suited her anyway. A fluttering tightness spread across her chest. The pain of her own invisibility churned in her guts.”


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