Big Old Wagon

‘Big Old Wagon’, short fiction.

Young siblings Nina, Sandy and Ray are fed up with their existence in the outskirts of a city crumbling under the weight of its economic disasters. They take matters into their own hands and buy an old wagon with their last savings and hit the road: bound for a fabled piece of land their dead grandmother once spoke of owning. On the way, Ray begs Nina to make a pitstop at the harbour town where their estranged father is rumoured to be living in a boat.

Short extract:

“Sandy and Ray joined in at the chorus, screeching out over the noise of the passing semi-trailers, making up the lyrics at random as they went along. All three now had their windows down and the wind blasted in as the wagon chugged down the highway. Sandy swayed her golden head languidly, smiling at some sweet memory playing on her mind; Ray was bouncing up and down again, drumming his fingers on the ceiling and Nina was staring dead ahead, her smile fixed on the road and her whole muscular form vibrating with the music she made with her mouth. The golden dust beyond the city limits that she had been longing for, for so long, was swirling around her slick dark hair.”




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