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siouxzi mernagh: pictures | 'the dangers', 2009 / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

Aesha Henderson / JD Reforma/ Kate Scardifield
Maz Dixon / Marilyn Schneider / Rachel Forbes

Performances by Siouxzi Mernagh, Death Stare Atelier.

Opening Night: Wed 2nd November 6-8PM

Exhibition: Wed 2nd November – Sun 20th November.!/event.php?eid=307806275900772


sound + writing piece exhibited titled ‘Conversation. 13 songs about us (past tense)’

Opening Night: Wed 5th October 6-8PM

Lorem Ipsum: Alaska Opening Group Show
Exhibition: Wed 5th October 2011-Sunday 23rd October

Alaska Projects is located on Level 2 of the Kings Cross Car
9A Elizabeth Bay Rd Elizabeth Bay (directly behind the Kings Cross Police


The Author

Author of the book `Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)`, published by Repeater Books, distributed by Penguin Random House.

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