novel manuscript complete!

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siouxzi mernagh: words | 'in the dark dark room' 2013


A very happy announcement: my novel manuscript is complete.

I am now seeking publication.

Time to come up for air.




“Watching the ocean in this way, we saw the allure of its surface and at the same time our non-perception of its depths. The waves which we heard that morning were heard against the curtain of our not hearing the waves as we slept the night before. Looking at the non-space where the ocean meets the sky. Where the sky meets the ocean. Where nothing meets and nothing is separate. A whole and two wholes. This was the chance for us to spend a long time just looking. It could well have been a long time staring at a waterfall or the fast-flowing river or at exploding volcanoes, or at the stars in the night sky. But here and now, it was the ocean and the horizon and this was where and when we were meant to be. The sparkling reflections of it in our tears fell onto each other’s skin and warmed us with the courage to move towards it. The moment we started to move, was the moment the horizon started to move.”


The Author

Author of the book "Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)", published by Repeater Books, distributed by Penguin Random House. Former fellow of the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry:

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