month of performance art, berlin: Voyeurs

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Extract from recent piece written for Voyeurs, curated by Vincent Chomaz and Zona Dynamic for Month of Performance Art, Berlin:

Your finger has memories

“Snow falls on lips; melts immediately.

Then falls again as she continues on through the whiteness.

Wind whisks away the utmost layer, over and over – slowly, imperceptibly, shrinking the mountain. Then, with the next shiver of snow, the mountain grows again, just as imperceptibly.

Footprints last only a few breaths; breaths that form icicles before dropping to earth to be disintegrated, then formed again with the next breath.

These loops of disintegration, happening over and over, seem identical each time.

Looking closer, listening closer, with a cheek pressed hot against the surface, each loop brings a subtle change to the disintegration. Each melting, whisking, growing and breathing contain a subtle uniqueness that can never last and will never be repeated in exactly the same way.

And as we pull away from the surface, the fog of body heat on the surface fades, as if it was never there. In the same way, an echo is never complete: it will resonate in a loop of disintegration, forever.”




The Author

Author of the book "Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)", published by Repeater Books, distributed by Penguin Random House. Former fellow of the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry:

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