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The WØMB: 2018

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2018 / The WØMB

After a long hiatus while busily working on other independent projects, I’m back with updates! For the most part of 2018 so far, I have been dedicating a lot of my time to the  organisation I founded together with Klaudia Domurat, called The WØMB. The WØMB is a non-profit association empowering female, non-binary and female-identifying creatives and entrepreneurs in the creative industries. We hold bi-annual symposiums with workshops, masterclasses, roundtables and panels led by industry […]

New Uferlos Studios film teaser released!

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2017 / In the dark, dark room (2017) / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

‘We, all of us creatures, can feel when the new season is coming and it means the same thing in our bones to all of us…’ With the new season of autumn just arriving to Berlin, we have just released the teaser for our film and installation work: IN THE DARK DARK ROOM (2017). The work showcases our filmmaking, audio and narrative capabilities as Uferlos Studios and we are very proud to present a taste of […]

Publication of literary essay: ‘Lost Knowledge. Just tumult everywhere endlessly.’

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siouxzi mernagh: words | magazine publications

My short literary essay,  ‘Lost Knowledge. Just tumult everywhere endlessly’ appears in the latest issue of Runway: Australian Experimental Art journal. Confused? Lost? […] If you don’t know where you are, can you know who you are? Just tumult everywhere endlessly, tumult modulating into another tumult all over and  without end. The change is so constant so pervasive so relentless, that identity, place, scale – all measure lessen, weaken, eventually disappear. – Roni Horn, […]

month of performance art, berlin: Voyeurs

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siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

Extract from recent piece written for Voyeurs, curated by Vincent Chomaz and Zona Dynamic for Month of Performance Art, Berlin: Your finger has memories “Snow falls on lips; melts immediately. Then falls again as she continues on through the whiteness. Wind whisks away the utmost layer, over and over – slowly, imperceptibly, shrinking the mountain. Then, with the next shiver of snow, the mountain grows again, just as imperceptibly. Footprints last only a few breaths; […]