New Uferlos Studios film teaser released!

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2017 / In the dark, dark room (2017) / Our Little Wooden House in the Forest / siouxzi mernagh: pictures | exhibitions

‘We, all of us creatures, can feel when the new season is coming and it means the same thing in our bones to all of us…’

With the new season of autumn just arriving to Berlin, we have just released the teaser for our film and installation work: IN THE DARK DARK ROOM (2017).

The work showcases our filmmaking, audio and narrative capabilities as Uferlos Studios and we are very proud to present a taste of it for you here.



‘In the dark, dark room’ explores what happens to the psyche when we are isolated in nature – what rituals, fears and desires take over?

The film was shot by Siouxzi Connor and Klaudia Domurat of Uferlos Studios in the dark winter of 2016 in the depths of an ancient Finnish forest – the site of a pagan bear cult. It was shot during an artist residency with Mustarinda and completed in Uferlos Studios in Berlin.

The film draws on the narrative and thematic elements from the novel Our Little Wooden House In The Forest: exploring ecology, ritual and female sexuality – elements recurring in Siouxzi’s previous work. The soundtrack was created by Klaudia and showcases her ability to create immersive aural worlds using sounds from nature amongst homages to her favourite artists. The work was featured by the BBC World Service:

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The Author

Author of the book "Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)", published by Repeater Books, distributed by Penguin Random House. Former fellow of the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry:

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