Publication of literary essay: ‘Lost Knowledge. Just tumult everywhere endlessly.’

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My short literary essay,  ‘Lost Knowledge. Just tumult everywhere endlessly’ appears in the latest issue of Runway: Australian Experimental Art journal.

Confused? Lost? […] If you don’t know where you are, can you know who you are? Just tumult everywhere endlessly, tumult modulating into another tumult all over and  without end. The change is so constant so pervasive so relentless, that identity, place, scale – all measure lessen, weaken, eventually disappear.
Roni Horn,  Saying Water

IF IT IS IN THE NATURE of things to be lost[i], then we are not exempt from this: it is also in our nature as humans to be lost sometimes, to go beyond what we know.

As part of the project, I also took a series of shots with my Olympus Trip-35 on my day of being lost in Berlin. Here are a few:


035_35 034_34 032_32 030_30 029_29 026_26A 019_19A 016_16A 012_12A 007_7A 005_5A 008_10A 006_6A 014_16A 015_17A 021_23A 022_24A 024_26A 026_28A 000_N0 032_34A 005_N5 010_N10 013_N13 012_N12 018_N18 020_N20 025_N25 027_N27 028_N28 029_N29 032_N32 033_N33 035_N35 037_N37 036_N36

The Author

Author of the book "Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)", published by Repeater Books, distributed by Penguin Random House. Former fellow of the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry:

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